5 years old, 16 characters long url.

This domain was registered on 2009-09-17 (current owner since 2011-10-26) and will expire on 2014-09-17

This domain registered at GoDaddy and available for push to your free GoDaddy account.

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Sod & Loam™ has the distinct priviledge of selling this domain. The owner reserved specially for a project they have not yet been able to complete. While they may still finish this project, they understand that the domain is valuable and someone else may have their eyes set on this domain. In the hopes that use made be made of the domain, rather than it sit for too long or be held by sites full of useless and confusing links, they would be happy to pass it along to caring, loving new parents.

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Sod & Loam™ is a purveyor of fine real estate. Our clients have picked these domain names for actual projects but then have not been able to start/complete those projects and thus are open to parting with the URLs. This is your chance. Don't bother with misspelled URLs or generic, unusable domain names. Get something you can actually build on.

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